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Drug Offenses Attorney in Cherokee County, Georgia

Accused Of A Drug Crime? Know Your Rights.

Marijuana, Xanax, Cocaine, Meth. Any one of these drugs can lead to a seemingly unending slew of legal consequences. Even possession of very small quantities of a drug can upend your life and lead to years of jail time. Many of Georgia’s best and brightest students find their entire future derailed by a drug crime conviction.

Attorney Molly Mindy has decades of experience putting the power back in clients’ hands. Her passion and commitment to you are an irreplaceable benefit. She is a champion in your corner and a relentless protector of your rights.

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Georgia has some of the harshest drug laws on record in the United States. Without a strong defense and a complete understanding of the tools at your disposal, you can easily find yourself serving a jail sentence or subject to ongoing probation. Even in the best cases, a conviction will stay on your record and can prevent you from accessing critical support systems like housing aid or educational scholarships.

At Mindy Law, LLC, we build your defense with strong advocacy and a practical approach. We focus on:

  • Providing you with a full range of legal options and a complete understanding of how those will influence your future

  • Passionate courtroom representation that holds the prosecution to the facts and protects your rights

  • Strong legal analysis so that no opportunity or weakness in the prosecution’s case goes unaddressed

You are not alone. Whether you are accused of possession, intent to sell, or a serious drug manufacturing allegation, our firm stands strong.

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