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Custody & Modifications Attorney in Cherokee County, Georgia

Striving For Child Custody And Modification Solutions

Children often get caught in the middle of divorce or break-up disputes, when they should be the most important part. Our compassionate attorney at Mindy Law, LLC understands how difficult this time can be on a family, especially kids. Speaking with a skilled child custody lawyer is extremely important, and a must to protect you and your children’s rights. Let Molly’s bold advocacy help you seek your most positive results with her assertive demeanor and empathetic style.

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Seeking Justice For Children

We have represented clients with almost every child custody and modifications case. We manage a broad range of concerns, including:

  • Legal and physical child custody petitions

  • Primary and joint custody agreements

  • Modification to custody orders

  • Modifications to parenting time schedules

  • Visitation agreements

  • Relocation concerns

  • Grandparents visitation

We care about your relationship with your children. As an experienced child custody lawyer, Molly Mindy can fervently seek a resolution that’s best for you and your children whether it be through negotiations or going to court on your behalf.

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