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Property Divisions Attorney in Cherokee County, Georgia

Protecting Your Assets When A Marriage Ends

A complicated and sometimes contentious issue in the divorce process is dividing property, assets, and debts. At Mindy Law, LLC, we understand how some things have sentimental value to you and will advocate tirelessly to seek a fair distribution of property.

How Property Is Divided In A Divorce

In Georgia, there are two types of property in a divorce: the property you acquire as a married couple, known as marital property, and the assets you may have had before the marriage, known as separate property. The courts typically divide the marital property by considering certain factors, including:

  • Finances of each spouse

  • Future needs of each spouse

  • Separate property

  • Evidence of wasting assets or other misconduct

  • The behavior of spouses during the divorce process

  • Who is at fault for the divorce

Our lawyer can help analyze the worth of complex marital assets with preparation for each court hearing or settlement meeting, striving to seek your goals.

Protect Your Assets

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Types of Marital Property Division We Handle

At our Woodstock legal practice, we have the skills to handle all types of asset division, including divorces with high assets. We guide clients through equitable distribution of marital property such as:

  • Multiple homes

  • Businesses

  • Stock options and restricted stock units

  • Retirement accounts

  • Deferred compensation

  • Motor vehicles, boats, jewelry, and art collections

Though the courts generally attempt at distributing property in a fair matter, it is still a wise decision to have an experienced property division attorney by your side, to advocate for your wishes, and to protect your rights. Molly Mindy has the financial and legal know-how for nonmarital tracing, discovering hidden assets, valuation, and cash-flow considerations. Let her help resolve property division disputes with your best interests in mind.

Questions About Property Laws? Get The Information You Need.

If you have questions about assets and debt, and how they are divided when you end a marriage, call our knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Cherokee County today. Attorney Mindy can help answer your marital property questions and inform you about the divorce legal process. Contact the firm to set up a consultation.