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Divorce is not the vision you had in mind when you were deciding to get married. Unfortunately, when the marriage does not work out, you must find a way to separate the life you had created together. We can help you learn more about the different components of divorce, including:

  • Child custody

  • Property division

  • Child support

When it comes time to start the divorce process, it is essential to talk to a lawyer about what happens next and how to handle all the details that come with a divorce. Attorney Molly Mindy understands the divorce process and how to help you.

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Reasons For Divorce

While you may be in a rush to make your divorce final now that you have made the decision, there may be a few steps you need to take before everything is settled. The person filing for divorce must have been a resident of Georgia for, at least, the last six months.

In Georgia, you can either file a no-fault divorce, saying that there was an “irretrievable breakdown” in your compatibility with your partner; or you can file for divorce stating that your partner was at fault. To file for an at-fault divorce, you must prove that your partner engaged in acts that may include:

  • Adultery

  • Violence

  • Desertion for at least one year

The most common form of divorce in Georgia is a no-fault divorce. A no-fault divorce is the fastest way to file since there is only a 30-day waiting period and no additional facts to prove to the court.

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