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Juvenile Court Attorney in Cherokee County, Georgia

Seeking Justice For Juveniles

Attorney Molly Mindy understands juvenile court cases from every seat in the courtroom. In addition to representing the state, she has had the opportunity to work as a parent, attorney, guardian ad litem, and child’s attorney. There is no situation in juvenile court that Molly does not have experience with. If your child has an upsetting legal issue, contact the Woodstock firm of Mindy Law, LLC for the experienced juvenile legal help you need.

Juvenile Court Explained

Juvenile court involves two types of cases:

  • Dependency (parents who have allegations of abuse and/or neglect as to children)

  • Delinquency (minors who are charged with crimes)

Children in Need of Services (CHINS) cases are situations where children are charged with a “status offense” (an offense that would not be a violation if committed by an adult) such as truancy and running away from home, amongst other situations.

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Juvenile Court Is A Confusing Place

As if the legal system wasn’t a confusing enough place, the juvenile court operates on its own set of vocabulary, rules, and procedures. To make matters worse, the juvenile court often involves having your children taken from your custody. Emotions run high in juvenile court. By attempting to navigate the dark waters of juvenile court by yourself, you may be left with lifelong consequences such as being placed on the child abuse registry, losing custody of your children, or having a case plan that you simply cannot complete. Talking to a skilled lawyer knowledgeable about the specialty of juvenile court is imperative to protect yourself and your children. Molly can not only guide you through the juvenile court to success, but she does so with a passion for families and empathy for those from hard places.

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