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The traditional family has changed throughout the years. But the relationship between a parent or grandparent and child remains the same: they are two of life’s strongest bonds. When your most precious asset is at risk, speak with our tenacious yet empathetic family law attorney at Mindy Law, LLC who can advise you on the legal options for nontraditional family law issues. Whether you have unmarried custody concerns, need to legitimize a child, or determine paternity or grandparent visitation, Molly can guide you with compassion and wisdom.

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Traditionally, a child had one mother and one father. More recently, some children have unique parenting situations due to divorce, unwed parents, surrogacy, same-sex marriages, and other circumstances. Our empathetic and lively attorney cares about your situation and protecting your rights. We experience many nontraditional family law scenarios, including:

  • Paternity: Through a paternity action, we can assist you in establishing the identity of a biological father for men who want fatherhood rights and responsibilities, and women who are seeking child support.

  • Custody issues for unmarried parents: We represent unmarried mothers and fathers in custody and parenting schedules.

  • Legitimization: Legitimizing a child is the process for a father to claim legal parentage when he is not married to the mother. A Georgia court can enforce child support based on legitimization, and a child can then inherit from the father.

  • Same-sex, domestic partnership, and LGBTQ parenting rights: Solid representation helps loving families with custody and other family legal goals.

  • Adoption: We provide adoption legal services that include representation of adoptive parents, relatives, and foster parents to working with birth mothers for placement.

  • Grandparents’, relatives’ and stepparents’ rights: A split up can affect other relatives’ time with your children; we commit to helping grandparents, relatives, and stepparents establish rights to visitation, custody, and guardianship.

If you’re considering adopting a child or establishing parental rights, speak with us today at our Woodstock legal firm. With a passion for doing what is right, our fierce family lawyer can guide you on how to proceed and what you can expect.

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Your family and future are worth it. We have experience in nontraditional family law concerns and can help protect your right in an ever-changing world. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our knowledgeable Georgia lawyer.